When does 2021 World Juniors take place?

The 2021 World Juniors is to take place on December 26th and concluded on January 5th, 2021. As you are aware it takes place in Edmonton Bubbles which is located in Canada. It was billed to take place in Red Deer also in Canada but was shifted because of the pandemic which affected other sports programs across The world.

This is the 14th time the event is to hold in Canada and this edition is going to be the 45th time it is to hold across the world.

There are two pools or groups and these are to play all the matches before the gold medal event which is the concluding event to be played on January 5th of 2021. the venue for the event before it was shifted was not changed completely. Only one venue remains and that is the Bubble at Edmonton. Red Deer event may no longer hold for this edition.

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